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POLGRID geogrid with stiff, integrated nodes.

In order to increase the durability of supporting ground, a variety of solutions is being used. POLGRID has proven to be one of the most effective product, ensuring the most solid results. The geogrids are therefore used in a wide range of engineering projects for soil reinforcement and stabilization.


The product’s manufacturing process involves the use of thermoplastic sheet of a given thickness, which is first molded and then undergoes the process of microperforation. In the next step the sheet is stretched in both directions, which allows to prepare eyelet of a desired size. The stretching process leads as well to axial orientation of the polymer on the molecular level, which allows to achieve unique, extremely high durability and reinforcement of the soil stabilization products.

  • Total lenght of whole line for geogrid production has 120 running meters.

POLGRID ground stabilizer solution is referred to as ‘geogrid with integrated nodes’ due to the fact, that the structure resulting from the manufacturing process does not have any connecting joints.


This sort of manufacturing process determinates extreme stiffness of geogrid nodes and their resistance to shifting – they immediately respond to the load and counter the tendency of the aggregate grains to shift. As a result, as ground reinforcement and soil stabilizer solutions they are uniquely effective and eliminate the need to conduct advanced additional work, limiting in consequence the investment realization time.


Both on-site and laboratory research of the solutions proved that it is the effective blocking of aggregate with geogrid products, that is the key factor affecting the effectiveness of soil stabilization and reinforcement both during the preliminary consolidation of substructure as well as during the subsequent use of the road.


Without the geogrid. Square shape of rib gives better aggregate chocking in geogrid aperture.