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By launching the production of POLGRID – modern geogrids with integrated nodes as well as geocomposites – Pietrucha company has once again expanded the range of its operation and has joined a very small group of companies specializing in such implementation of geosynthetics.


Their most important advantages include very effective stabilization and improvement of ground bearing capacity, which is required for diverse types of civil engineering projects. The reason of a growing interest in the use of this erosion control fabric is also the simplicity of its installation, which allows to minimize the construction time. What is more, the quantity of resources necessary to realize a given investment is also limited as the thickness of aggregate layer is decreased as well.


Geogrids are very widely used by transport infrastructure engineers to stabilize the soil under roads, railway structures, parking lots, temporary or forest roads and driveways, as well as to control erosion and reinforce slopes or the soil under building foundations. Find more information on geosynthetics, geogrid fabric and technical parameters of all Pietrucha’s solutions.




Geotechnical Engineering for Infrastructure and Development is a leading theme of XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, which begun yesterday in Edinburgh - capital of Scotland. PIETRUCHA International is among the sponsors of this event. Liliana Kokoszka invites you to visit our stand.




Geotechnical Engineering for the Infrastructure and Development, is a leading theme of XVI European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, which will be held in Edinburgh - the capital of Scotland in mid-September. Since the company PIETRUCHA International is one of the sponsors of this event, and registration of participants just started, we support organizers by publishing reminder on our pages.
More details at: http://xvi-ecsmge-2015.org.uk/





We begin to count down the days to the start of next edition of HIGHWAY-POLAND (AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA). XXI International Building Fair will be held in the period 13-15 May at the exhibition ground of Kielce Trade Fairs, 1 Zakladowa Str.

For the largest in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe road market players fair is a traditional meeting place and signing contracts. This year's edition, in connection with the new dealt EU funds brings many perspectives. It is hard to be surprised that the patronage over the event branches spread the most serious in Poland institutions related to the sector.

Among the exhibitors could not miss PIETRUCHA International this year too. We invite you to visit our stand.