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Polgrid UX

Unidirectional Geogrids are often employed as soil slope stabilization products, which allow the soil to stand at virtually any necessary angle (0-90 degrees). The range of possibilities of this erosion control fabric makes it possible to use them with many different facing objects and create virtually any required structure (from the point of view of aesthetics and architectural requirements).

Retaining walls

Soil reinforcement with the use of unidirectional geogrids is first of all much more economical and aesthetic than the traditional methods. Geogrid reinforced slopes are also extremely durable and strong, ensuring the wall and the whole structure stability. Polgrid UX has proven to be very universal erosion control fabric as well when it comes to the type of supported fill materials, as the wide range of them might be used (e.g. boulders, concrete blocks, timbers).

Slope stabilization

Polgrid UX uses in practice the innovative solutions of geosynthetics. Slope stabilization used to be an expensive process which results were of low aesthetics, as most of the times the concrete was used. Since the introduction of geogrid fabric, a soil stabilization which looks natural, is cost-effective and relatively simple to apply became available. With the use of this modern soil stabilization products it is possible to create naturally beautiful, effectively used space without the rapid growth of the investment costs.

Geogrid soil reinforcement is an effective way to limit the costs of construction of dikes, embankments, roads etc. over wetlands and soft soils. At the same time unidirectional geogrids minimize the time of the project realization as well as improve the aesthetic outcome.

Uniaxial geogrid

Polgrid UX

 - unidirectional geogrid with integrated nodes. The material is produced through the process of extrusion and perforation of holes in a HDPE sheet. Afterwards, the perforated strips are longitudinally stretched in appropriate temperature. This process increases material strength and rigidity.



  • Landslide repairs,
  • Anti-erosion protection,
  • Construction of road and railway embankment extensions,
  • Construction of bridgeheads,
  • Water reservoirs and dams.

unitUX 40 15/15UX 55UX 80UX 90UX 120UX 160
Minimum carbon black%222222
Peak tensile strengthkN/m40558090120160
Aperture size MDmm235(±20)235(±20)235(±20)235(±20)235(±20)235(±20)
Aperture size CMDmm16(±2)16(±2)16(±2)16(±2)16(±2)16(±2)
Length in a rollm505050505050
Roll widthm1,0-1,11,0-1,11,0-1,11,0-1,11,0-1,11,0-1,1