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Polgrid BX

Bidirectional geogrids are used as soil reinforcement during the construction of roadways. They help to evenly distribute the load forces thus being extremely effective on weak, soft soils, reducing at the same time the costs and the time of the construction. Geogrid reinforced soil does not require expensive and time-consuming replacing of subgrades, which has been a necessity before an introduction of this erosion control fabric. What is more, Polgrid BX are quite often implemented on stronger soils as well, in order to improve the durability of the roadway or minimize the required thickness of the road structure.

Base Reinforcement

Geogrid fabric is also a perfect material to be used on already firm soils to increase the service-life of the road and reduce the costs of the investment. As soil stabilization products they confine the materials used for the base of the road and improve their performance under heavy load.

Subgrade Improvement

Geosynthetics provided a material, which is extremely effective on weak subgrades as soil stabilization and reinforcement. Polgrid BX are solid bases for temporary as well as permanent roads helping to evenly distribute the loads, improve the structure integrity in fast, easy way and at low costs.

Bidirectional geogrid PolGrid

Polgrid BX
- bidirectional geogrid in an open form of a geogrille. The grid’s nodes are rigid and constitute an integral part of its structure, while the ribs with square cross-section ensure good support for the aggregate. Production process of geogrids with rigid nodes consists of extruding a thermoplastic panel made of PP and additives, micro-perforation and stretching in longitudinal and transverse directions.



  • Construction of roads and surfaces supporting traffic,
  • Railway bed reinforcement,
  • Construction of tunnels and underground structures,
  • Earthworks, foundation works,
  • Anti-erosion protection,
  • Water reservoirs, channels, and dams.

unitBX 15/15BX 20/20BX 30/30BX 40/40BX 45/45
Polymer type PPPPPPPPPP
Minimum carbon black%22222
Peak tensile strength MD/CMDkN/m15/1520/2030/3040/4045/45
Junction efficienty%100100100100100
Aperture size - MDmm39(±4)39(±4)39(±4)35(±3)35(±3)
Aperture size - CMDmm39(±4)39(±4)39(±4)35(±3)35(±3)
Length in a rollm7575503030
Roll widthm44444