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Slope stabilization products

GeoGrids with integrated nodes – soil reinforcement

The use of geosynthetics opened a new era in the construction of transport infrastructure solutions and numerous other projects. The unique parameters of this material completely changed civil engineering, by greatly simplifying the construction process: making it shorter, raising the durability of the structures built, as well as limiting the investment costs. Geogrids with integrated nodes have a vast number of applications, although from the point of view of their application they can be generally classified in two groups: slope stabilization products and soil reinforcement solutions.

Currently, they are chosen for a growing number of engineering projects and constructions, for instance, on highways, railways, for slope stabilization near landfills etc. Their advantages can also be employed by individual investors, e.g. during construction of dirt roads or soil reinforcement under the pavement around your house. Geogrids’ popularity, due to their fantastic parameters and high effectiveness in soil reinforcement and slope stabilization, constantly grows.

  • Reinforcement of road structures

    Every type of road or highway should be characterized by the highest possible durability. However, in many cases the costs of appropriate soil reinforcement are extremely high and the process itself is very time-consuming. Geogrids with integrated nodes are in this context a perfect solution, allowing to evenly distribute the load forces, thus improving the durability and minimizing the risk of ruts. Moreover, their use allows to shorten the time and limit the resources necessary to realize the project, also lowering the final construction costs in many cases.

  • Reinforced embankments

    Construction of different embankments involves using the materials and products, which parameters meet high requirements of this type of structures. Geogrids not only ensure excellent slope stabilization and reinforcement, but also allow to limit the time and resources (also financial) necessary for their preparation. As a result, geosynthetics have brought optimal combination of durability and lower costs, and thus are increasingly often employed by civil engineering, also to reinforce embankments.

  • Reinforcement of railway structures

    Railway structures require implementation of solutions, which ensure their highest durability. The forces that work in such structures are tremendous, and it is extremely important to use the best materials and products in the construction process. Geogrids with integrated nodes can be applied in railway structures to stabilize slopes, reinforce the soil and boost their reliability and solidity. Similarly to road structures they secure even distribution of load forces and considerably reduce the resources needed for such constructions.

  • Stability of barriers and embankments

    To meet extremely high requirements of diverse barriers and embankments, the materials and solutions used must be of the highest quality. Geogrids with integrated nodes offer perfect slope stabilization and reinforcement of the soil, allowing at the same time to reduce the amount of resources required as well as minimize the construction time. It results in limiting the costs and raising the durability of the whole structure. Currently, they are applied with increasing frequency by leading construction companies around the world.

    • Reinforcement of foundations of structures

      With no doubt one of the most important elements of any structure are their foundations. In order to ensure their maximum durability and stability it is necessary to properly reinforce the soil located directly beneath the foundations. Geogrids provide the required parameters for constructions of virtually any type, increasing the ground’s bearing capacity, accelerating its consolidation and preventing the soil from moving. The foundations additionally reinforced with geogrids guarantee appropriate security, solidity and durability.

  • Even soil settlement and stabilization of embankments at landfills

    Appropriate slope stabilization products, soil reinforcement, as well as even distribution of load, influencing the ground at landfill, is of extreme importance. Characteristic features of such places require the use of solutions, which are easy to apply and at the same time ensure exceptionally high effectiveness. The application of geogrids with integrated nodes allows to meet all these conditions at minimum consumption of time and resources. As a result, they are a perfect solution when it comes to landfills as well.