Pietrucha Group

Polgrid BX MAX

Biaxial geogrid with aperture size 65 x 65 mm

Geogrid with the apertute size increased to 65 mm is dedicated to work with aggregate of larger fractions used for example to reinforce substructures and to stabilise railway embankments.



  • Reinforcement of railway track substructure
  • Reinforcement of road foundation
  • Construction of provisional and technological roads
  • Construction of forest roads
  • Construction of access roads to wind farms
UnitBX MAX 20/20BX MAX 30/30BX MAX 40/40
Polymer type PPPPPP
Minimum carbon black%222
Peak tensile strength MD/CMDkN/m20/2030/3040/40
Junction efficienty%100100100
Aperture size - MDmm65(±12)65(±12)65(±12)
Aperture size - CMDmm65(±12)65(±12)65(±12)
Length in a rollm505030
Roll widthm444