Pietrucha Group

Geocomposite Polgrid FSR

Geocomposite POLGRID FSR is the POLGRID BX geogrid thermally combined with non-woven geofabric. The type and parameters of the non-woven geofabric are indyvidually matched to a particular project.



  • reinforcement of road substructures
  • construcion of provisional and technological roads
  • construction of forest roads
  • construction of access roads to wind farms
  • construction of manoeuvring and parking areas
  • reinforcement of railway track substructure
  • reinforcement of substructure of railway tracks on weak grounds
  • reinforcement of substructure under foundations

Geocomposite POLGRID FSR combines the advantages of a geogrid with integrated nodes with the advantages of non-woven geofabric which ensures excellent performance of reinforcing reparating and filtering functions. May be applied on a boggy substructure or in the even of using material of unfavourable grain-size distribution. Especially recommended for area with changeable or hight level of ground waters.